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Thomas asks…

arthritis pain?

Has anyone tried alternative remedies for arthritis pain? I’ve tried Glucosamine, over the counter and prescription drugs and nothing seems to help

admin answers:

Read the arthritis book by Dr Jarvis who also wrote the well known book folk medicine (Vermont). Try eBay, amazon, or library. I got it through inter-library loan as my library did not have it.

Very fascinating book but the gist of it is raw apple cider vinegar about 2 fingers width in a glass with the same amount of honey (raw preferred) with water 3 times a day around mealtime will remove all the pain of arthritis according to his studies and use with both people and animals; however, if you stop it the arthritis and pain come back.

It dissolves calcium deposits and is also used for removing calcium deposits from hard water on the inside of water heaters and teakettles. Note how it dissolves an eggshell is put in the same fashion when kept in the bloodstream/body it does the same thing. It also has many other health benefits and is not expensive.

Do not use regular vinegar as it is unhealthy for the body. It must contain the cloudy mother..try a brand like spectrum or Bragg’s available at health food stores, co-ops and health food sections of supermarkets like Krogers or giant eagle.

Also apply warm to joints or clothes soaked in vinegar.

Good luck!

Here are some other recommendations for a more permanent cure or better yet do as many of the recommendations as possible and also vinegar.. Curing arithitus takes a while so keep staying on the program and you will see relief. It requires lifestyle change for lasting help,,you can’t just look for a pill or supplement to fix living a less healthy lifestyle. By changing one’s lifestyle many other ills will be helped or prevented as well.

I recommend the following:

1. See all the recommendations here. Dr. John R Christopher, the father of modern herbology, was himself a sufferer of juvenile arthritis.

He said when he ate a vegan diet, he had no pain (vegans eat grains, veggies, fruits, nuts, legumes, and seeds)..when he ate a vegetarian diet, he had some pain (vegetarians eat dairy and/or eggs but no meat, poultry, and fish). When he ate meats, it would put him in a wheelchair.

He talks of a permanent cure and how to achieve it and had many recommendations.


… Very excellent–please see itl

2. Dr. Richard Schulze recommends his incurables program and deep tissue repair oil for arthritis. Schulze cured many incurables in his over 20 year underground clinic and was a student of Dr.Christopher and some of the other greatest names in naturopathic medicine. His programs has cured MANY different kinds of incurables illnesses, I know people cured of cancer and I also had good luck on the program.


His patient handbook shows how to do the program but it is expensive. Http://

You can save money, though, by making his formulas yourself. Also very helpful if doing the incurables is the save your life video series (12 hours) available quite a bit on ebay and amazon. Originally $400.

3. I once read people who went on a vegetarian diet (vegan??) for other reasons soon noticed their arthritis improving or disappearing. Had something to do with meat fibers and leaky gut syndrome, so this is further evidence of the superiority of a vegan diet for arthritics.

4. Take the herbs yucca and tumeric (anti-inflammatory). Take for a long time. Use only organic and/or wildcrafted (in the wilds) is better to use a tincture than capsules (liquid extract). Take sufficient calcium/magnesium (twice as much calcium).

5.Also if not vegan, eat fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, and herring for its good effects on the joints. Also use magnets for pain (10,000 guass–magnelyfe).

Good Luck!

Also try 10,000 guass magnets on areas of pain. Works for about 85% of people. It ALWAYS relieves pain for me when I overwork muscle, walk a lot, or injure myself within just a few minutes and definitely by morning. I use magnelyfe mini magnets..I will give you a link (but their tape does not stick well and you will lose them so try a different magnet tape or even waterproof first aid tape at store is better.

James asks…

severe acne please help?

hi, sonim an 18 year old male and for the longest time ov had a horrible acne problem, i used some face medications and antibiotics and they helped for a little bit, now its all back. im doing everything i can washing my face every night washing my bedding/pillowcases not touching my face you name it iv tried it. what are some natural cures that work fast?

admin answers:

If you have taken antibiotics for Lyme Disease (which you state yo have in another Q), you may have developed ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’, which can cause acne all by itself, or make an already established case of acne worsen . . .

“Is Your Acne Caused By Leaky Gut Syndrome?”

“Severe Acne *After Long-Term Antibiotics,* Candida, Leaky Gut”
– see what “rainstorm14″ posted under that heading, at:

“Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS)”

“A Natural Acne Remedy Can Help” /natural-acne-remedy.html
(Copy-paste^to URL box & omit^space, before hitting ‘Go’.)

“Treating Acne”

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